Mainstream Skincare has no long term benefits

Do mainstream chemical skincare products give long term benefits? Explaining the ‘Instant Result’ Myth.

My experience whilst working in the skincare industry
I had worked for a well-recognised premium cosmetic brand, that kindly gave me a £500 allowance to coat myself with their skin products at home and at work, and was given a generous staff discount on several brands.

I required to use skincare products for the brand I represented in order to give a true account of product usage and experiences with clients.

I educated customers on the key ingredients in each products, diagnose their skin type and prescribe them a skincare routine that would work for them. Most often this was effective, and customers would always return.

Skincare Research

Due to my innate skincare passion, I did extensive research on product ingredients. I realised that the key natural ingredients that are emphasised on products are merely used for marketing, drawing the customers in and is not a true account of what the product will do for the skin.

I understood that myself, along with the loyal customers were actively harming ourselves to look good. Further to this, most skincare products only provided an instant-effect, or required the user to continuously buy the product in order to see the ‘result’.

Artificial skin enhancement AKA ‘Instant result’

An example of artificial skin enhancement could be a hyaluronic acid serum to help penetrate hydration into the skin barrier.  Most often, they key hyaluronic acid ingredient would be listed towards the bottom of the ingredients list, whilst chemicals such as dimethicone (which creates a barrier and allows for a silky surface) would be one of the first ingredients.
Consequently, this means a £50 moisturiser that is followed up and applied on top of the serum is not effectively working or benefitting the skin due to the barrier created by the silicone-based serum on the skin surface. This indicates that minimal to no penetration of the moisturiser is absorbed into the skin. This results in the customer constantly having to buy continuously to keep up with an instant look.


The most effective products will be organic and natural skincare products. People worry these products are not as effective for the skin. For an instant effect with a fake texture, they will not provide this. But they will allow your own skin to improve, prevent you from ageing, nutritionally benefit your skin and overall better your skin. Acne will seize to persist. There is no superficiality, you will gradually see raw results without damaging your health and collagen.

What about all the Bloggers?

There are hundreds of bloggers using chemical-based skin products, and more should be aware of the harm caused by these products. On a positive note, there are bloggers who do understand the harms of the mainstream beauty industry and they educate people on alternatives.


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