Organic Beauty: Top Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics

My experience whilst working in the skincare industry and my transition in skincare regime.

Drugstores, department stores, and a couple companies that dominate our beauty industry that own several premium cosmetic brands, use less than a fraction of natural ingredients.

Online beauty gurus, celebrity promotional campaigns all induce us to make ourselves feel ‘beautiful’.

Over the years, I clocked I must free myself from the chemically formulated products that we’re exposed to. I also clocked that the most efficacious formulations of skincare are credited to our global environment’s naturally beautiful ingredients. Within fashion, history is repeating itself, and in skincare I decided to do the same.

I want to assist in the creative awareness of cultural ingredients, to the origins of ingredients used throughout Ancient civilisation, the Native Americans, in the Islamic Golden Age, in the Jamaica, Africa, Middle East, Europe and so on. These are the real breakthrough formulas that not only benefit the appearance of your largest organ, but its nurturing you whilst preserving your health and upholding beauty.

There’s no point in suffocating our skins with skin-filming silicones that only intensifies the ‘luxurious texture experience’, whilst your pores are being fed plastic crap such as polyethylene – in return, we question the high reasons for breakout. I swear the market is saturated with more chemical products to ‘cure’ acne. The reports of acne are ever-increasing. Nature will cure you.


Major ingredients to avoid:

SODIUM LAURYTH SULFATE: A cleaning agent created synthetically, highly prominent in face washes, hand washes, washing up liquid, car cleaning detergent, toothpaste, shampoo and beyond. In skincare, used mainly within face washes to create a foamy lather. Sulphate is an ingredient I seriously avoid. It causes dry skin, possibly cancerous and it can cause or accelerate depression


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