Natural Remedy: Hair Growth Treatment for Hair Loss sufferers


The hair tonic that is backed by credible scientific research to accelerate hair growth. The key here is to combine the seven important ingredients here and this is a powerhouse hair treatment that outweighs Minoxidil by a far mile.

If one ingredient in this treatment has been experimented to show it was as effective as Minoxidil (without its severely harmful side effects), then all 7 of these ingredients is going to bring you increased hair strength, growth and count.

My previous post based on this explains the benefits of each ingredient, how it works and the scientific studies supporting their proven effectiveness for hair growth.

HEALTH & LIFESTYLE, BEAUTY: 7 Ingredients, Minoxidil, and Hair Science

You will need:

Black Seed Oil

Sesame Oil

Castor Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Horsetail Extract

Coconut Oil

NOTE: This is a chosen or approximate measurement of product in a bottle, it’s important to use the ingredient amount in this order to avoid irritation of essential oils! Tip: Use a dark glass bottle to preserve the nutrients in the ingredients.


Approximate measures

Sesame oil 50ml

Coconut oil 20ml

Castor oil 15ml

Black Seed oil 15ml

Rosemary oil 5ml

Peppermint oil 5ml

Horsetail extract 5-10ml

Topically apply and massage scalp five days a week (for the most effective results similar to how results are measured in experiments).
Leave on 30 minutes before showering. It is best advised to allow the ingredients and its nutrients to travel into the scalp overnight.

Do this for three-six months to see huge results, this seems usually with any supplements or treatment such as Minoxidil, even a fitness or diet regime. You will see some results before that, whether it be healthier, sleeker hair but overtime your scalp will alter and adjust, much like your DNA does.


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